Document details for 'Using principal components analysis for dimension reduction prior to compositional analysis'

Authors Brewer, M.J., Elston, D.A., Dawson, L.A. and Mayes, R.W.
Publication details In "COMPSTAT 2004 Proceedings", 745-752. Eds. Antoch, J.. Physica-Verlag, Heidelberg.
Publisher details Physica-Verlag, Heidelberg
Keywords principal components analysis, compositional analysis
Abstract We investigate the use of principal components analysis (PCA) as an aid to compositional analysis. We study a data set concerning measurements of chemical markers (n-alkanes and alcohols) on artificially-created mixtures of grass and clover shoots. We go on to apply our procedure to mixture data sets based on actual Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy measurements on soil, where the very large number of markers recorded means that some form of dimension reduction is a necessity.
ISBN 3790815543
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