Document details for 'Environmental Brownian noise suppresses explosions in population dynamics'

Authors Mao, X., Marion, G. and Renshaw, E.
Publication details Stochastic Processes and Their Applications 97, 95-110.
Keywords Stochastic differential equations
Abstract Population systems are often subject to environmental noise, and our aim is to show that (surprisingly) the presence of even a tiny amount can suppress a potential population explosion. To prove this intrinsically interesting result, we stochastically perturb the multivariate deterministic system dx(t)/dt =f(x(t)) into the Ito form dx(t)=f(x(t))dt +g(x(t))dw(t), and show that although the solution to the original ordinary differential equation may explode to infinity in a finite time, with probability one that of the associated stochastic differential equation does not.
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