Email and Calendaring service

You can use the web to access the SOGo calendaring system or read the instructions on this page to configure a desktop client to access BioSS email and calendar services on your PC.

As ever, full documentation is on the Wiki. This page is intended as a quick reference. Users outside BioSS should go to the Portal to see this

Please note that the SOGO calendar will work only with the first account in your thunderbird profile, so make sure that is your BioSS account. If you have multiple accounts, you may like to contact the helpdesk before proceeding.

Configuring Thunderbird 10 to 17

For external use we support Thunderbird 17 and up.

Quick installation steps:

  1. Download the SOGO integrator: In each case, save the file as sogo-integrator.xpi
  2. Start thunderbird
  3. If the New Account Wizard runs, simply enter your email address in the form plus your real name to proceed. Thunderbird will do the rest. If you do not wish to install the calendar, stop here.
  4. If you do wish to install the calendar, set a Master Password as described below.
  5. Then, select "Tools" then "Add-Ons", then the "Extensions" tab and click "Install".Install the sogo-integrator.xpi extension you saved earlier
  6. Now, thunderbird should start up with your calendar, address book and email all stored on BioSS servers
  7. Once installed, these extensions should update automatically

Setting a master password

This is necessary to secure stored credentials in your Thunderbird profile. Once a master password is set, all other saved credentials are encrypted on disk.

  1. Select Tools then Options (Or Edit then Preferences on Linux) and select the Security tab. Underneath, select the Passwords tab.
  2. Check the box marked "Use a master password".
  3. Set your master password in the window that appears. You can set it to be the same as your login password, or something different. Once done, click OK. To test the passwords, restart thunderbird and you should be greeted with the Master Password prompt when you start thunderbird

Configuring other clients

We do not explicitly support other mail or calendaring clients but we are happy for you to use them if they meet your needs. The relevant configuration settings are as follows:

Option name Value Notes
Incoming server Turn on SSL or "Secure" connection here
Incoming server port 993
Outgoing server Turn on START/TLS or TLS here, otherwise authentication won't work
Outgoing server port 25
Calendar CalDAV URL Replace YOURUSERNAME and CALENDARID with appropriate values for your use. You can get appropriate URLs by right clicking on the calendar name in the web interface and selecting "Properties" then "Links to this calendar". For example:
Addressbook CardDAV Replace YOURUSERNAME and ADDRESSBOOKID with appropriate values for your use. Unfortunately there's no easy way to get addressbook URLs. For reference, the ID for your "Personal" addressbook is simply personal. For example:
Sent items folder name Sent


You may use these settings to configure clients such as smartphones to access your BioSS email and calendaring resources. However storing your password is strongly discouraged. Instead, enter it as required or store it on a device that guarantees the passphrase will be kept secure. If you require advice, please contact the helpdesk

iOS devices like the iPhone can handle calendar and addressbook synchronisation natively. Android devices can handle calendar synchronisation with the help of a third party application. Addressbook synchronisation for android or support for other mobile phones requires additional support on the server.

For calendars, consider making them available anonymously via the iCalendar URL feature of the SOGo software. This will also allow arbitrary users outside BioSS to access calendaring information; handy for consultants who work at many different sites. See the Wiki for further details.

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